Faith Responds to AIDS (FRTA) is an all-inclusive initiative developed in recognition of the significant role faith communities play in HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and support efforts. HIV prevention programs must be broad-based and cost effective; therefore, faith settings are ideal for the implementation of HIV programs serving hard to reach populations.

The vision of FRTA is to advance HIV prevention efforts in communities that are hardest-hit by the HIV epidemic through information sharing, collaboration and partnerships between faith-based organizations (FBO) and community based organizations (CBO). Through FRTA, it is hoped that communities of faith and their leaders, regardless of race, ethnicity, or behavior, will mobilized to appropriately respond to the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic in Florida.

The goals of FRTA are:

  • To create a safe place for community members to go for HIV-related information and linkages to resources, regardless of religious denomination or affiliation
  • To reduce stigma and discrimination by mobilizing FBOs and communities to have regular dialogues regarding the HIV/AIDS crisis in their communities
  • To support the development and enhancement of health ministries by FBOs that address HIV/AIDS
  • To encourage FBOs to participate in national HIV/AIDS observance days